Welcome to the Elboya - Britannia community website. We are an active and diverse community in the city of Calgary that takes pride in the engagement of our community members. Find out more about our community and what is going on, get in touch, or sign up for your community membership right from this site.Are you interested in volunteering? We would love to hear from you! Volunteers are the lifeblood of the community and are key players in making this a great place to love for everyone. Send an email to volunteers@elboyabritannia.com if you would like to pitch in.

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Our History - Elboya Heights

The community was annexed to the City of Calgary during the economic boom of 1910s, however, Elboya did not undergo substantial development until about 1947. Elboya was originally farm land located south of Calgary and the Elbow River and the original farm house for the land stood in Elboya at the corner of Britannia Drive and Crescent Blvd until approx. 2005. The Community Association for Elboya Heights was founded in 1960 about 5 years after the community build out was completed.Today the community is a vibrant and active one with something to offer everyone. Close to downtown and with easy access to major commuter corridors, Elboya offers access to a large number of local amenities, and at the same time is known for it's green space and easy access to the Elbow River and Stanley Park.


Britannia, developed in the 1950’s,  was the first community comprehensively planned by the City of Calgary’s Planning Department after the Second World War. It was designed as Calgary’s first complete “neighbourhood unit” comprised of all of the elements thought at the time to promote orderly growth: a central park and public building (now the B´nai Tikvah Temple), streets in the middle of the community protected from cut-through traffic, roads which follow the contours of the natural landscape, a shopping plaza, a mix of nearly 300 multi-family and single family dwellings and ten percent of land designated for park use. While master planned communities are now common in the City of Calgary, at the time, Britannia was revolutionary and symbolized the confidence, sophistication and affluence which followed the 1947 Leduc oil discovery. Britannia maintains some of the best examples of architecturally designed Mid-century Modern-style homes in the City of Calgary and its streetscapes continue to differentiate it within the city.

Community Association

The community association exists today to promote and foster better relations among the residents of Elboya - Britannia and of the community at large. We facilitate the recreational, cultural and social activities of the communities of Elboya and Britannia, and provide a centre for the various activities of the community. For more than 25 years, Elboya has provided a skating rink in Stanley Park which is open to the public through the winter months.There are also a number of community committees and groups that interested community members are active in. If you are interested in participating in the community association as a board member, please email president@elboyabritannia.com and let us know!

Our Board Executive

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