Over-Height Towers on Ninth Avenue in Inglewood: An Appeal for Support

The following is a message from the Director, Inner-City Planning and Heritage of the Inglewood Community Association distributed to neighbouring community associations:

Inglewood is fighting for its life, trying to prevent a series of over-height towers (>200% bylaw) being built down Ninth Avenue.  These plans were discussed and supported by the City for about a year before the community was “engaged” and approval is being forced through despite the COVID-shutdown.  One tower has already been approved.  We discovered a density bonussing report commissioned by the City that was hidden from the CA, intentionally not shared with us and 100% redacted when we FOIP’d it which would not allow the bonussing tools supporting the height relaxations.  In spite of this,  the plans continue to be championed by Planning Administration. 

We have a petition that has reached 11,000 (https://tinyurl.com/save9ave), we have opened a storefront on Ninth Avenue to increase support for our cause but as many of you know, our Council is sometimes a little tone deaf.  Inglewood would be forever grateful if you could take a moment to write a line or two reinforcing our position.  We have seen in the past that support from CAs other than the target community tends to resonate with councillors.  Furthermore, it is possible that there, but for the grace of God, go you.

I enclose an information sheet to give you some background as to why we object to these developments which will undoubtably destroy the center of not only our community, but of Calgary’s heritage Main Street.  To be honest, whether a letter or just a quick line to your councillor, anything would be immeasurably helpful to us – if this goes through, Inglewood, as we know it, will be gone.