The EHBCA Community Association Board, in collaboration with the City of Calgary Parks Department have decided to make some improvements to the landscaping and land use at the Upper Elboya Park, located along 46th Ave at 5th street. The project marks a change toward park naturalization’ with the aim of reducing the maintenance and watering needs of the area, as well as introducing some elements to encourage additional use of the park.

The project team applied for a small design grant from the Parks Foundation and after carefully considering a number of submitted proposals, were able to hire a landscape architect (who has loads of experience working on City Park projects) to design the changes and supervise the project. As part of the process, we interviewed the 19 households surrounding the park for ideas and to get approval to commence with the project.

To date (Fall 2020) the following parts of the project have been completed:

  • The City has planted 7 new trembling aspen trees at the East end of the park and 6 larch trees along the park periphery
  • The City installed 2 new park benches in the space
  • A new pollinator garden is under construction along the row of crab-apple trees. Sod has been removed and fresh garden loam spread.
  • A pair of stone seating areas were also installed in the space with a nice view of the park, and that can also be incorporated into your fitness regime for step-ups, dips etc.

Next Spring we will plant a City approved list of pollinator perennials - bird, bee butterfly friendly plants, and we will arrange for a water truck for frequent waterings until plants are established. This work was covered by a small additional grant we applied for and received.

Stay tuned for next Spring… a couple more elements to be installed!