Elboya Heights + Britannia Amalgamation

In 2016, the community associations of Britannia and Elboya Heights began discussing the advantages of amalgamating the two together. The new association will have a larger membership base which will make it easier to do things like run more events, monitor development in and around the community and to be a stronger voice for the members of the community.

The intention to amalgamate has been approved by both communities at previous AGM and Special Meeting; has been reviewed by outside counsel; and approved by the Board of Directors of both boards.

Below are links to the Bylaws for the new association, as well as links to the Amalgamation Agreement and a description of the duties of the new Board of Directors which will be elected on the first AGM to be held on November 15th, 7pm at Living Spirit Church (629 49th Ave SW).

Some of the key points in the new bylaws are:

  1. The boundary of the new association has been redefined to include both communities
  2. Board size has increased to 11, to include committee heads
  3. The new bylaws are based on Elboya Height's bylaws as they have registered charity status, which is advantageous from a tax perspective
  4. There are two Development Committees, one for each community as they have separate caveat and restrictive covenants in place
  5. There is no defined requirements in terms of the number of board members that must be from each community
  6. The general spending limit has been raised to $15,000

A lot of thought has been given to input from both communities in creating the bylaws to address concerns from each, expressed over the last number of years. Click the links below to download a PDF version of both the Amalgamation Agreement, and the new Combined Board Bylaws.

New Amalgamated Board Structure

The diagram above shows the structure of the new Board. The Board consists of a President, a Past President, three Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. These positions will comprise the Officers of the Board.The term of office for the President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Heads will be two years. The term of office for the Past President is as long as the current President holds office.Stay tuned for more information about the newly elected Board here.

Community Association Documents


Below are some additional community association related documents, click to download the PDFs: